Monday, January 27, 2014

BAH Rates Increase in 2014 - Up to 5 Percent

Serious progressions to the BAH allowance in general are getting prepared inside the respective offices of the government for the upcoming years, but for now all military families can be confident that they will receive the standard and beloved BAH again in the year of 2014, but with a small but welcomed push to the upside.

Yes, that's right, BAH rates are increasing for this year!

The amount of the increase may not be very generous or anything big, but an increase is an increase. Depending on location, pay grade and dependency status, military families will see an average bump of +5% to their respective BAH allowances. So now let us do the math for you. Troops will see around $80 more in their pockets from the above monthly allowance. Not bad, eh?

This 5% rise is the largest bump for the "Basic Housing Allowance for Housing" rate since the USA housing market crisis took place in 2008 and drove BAH rates to the downside.

During the recent days, BAH allowance has been the center of focus for the USA government budget cutting officials. According to them, nearly $20 bn are being spent each year for offbase housing, and thus they are looking for ways to cut those big expenses. Our gut tells us that we are going to witness big changes in housing allowances from 2015 and beyond.

“Any changes to BAH proposed in the upcoming budget submission would not affect BAH rates this year for service members,” stressed Lt. Cmdr Nate Christensen, a Pentagon spokesman. “No final decisions have been made regarding BAH rates for 2015 and beyond.”

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