Sunday, February 23, 2014

BAH Calculator - Updated 2014

So here's a quick and easy calculator to calculate your BAH for the year of 2014. Three things are required for the calculator to export your exact monthly allowance rate: Your pay grade (E-1 up to O-7+), your military duty's ZIP code (not residence zip code) and dependency status (with or without dependents). After you collected all this simple information, you are good to go. Enter them on our easy to use calculator, and a magic number representing your monthly allowance from BAH will appear.

Be advised that as we have already discussed on earlier blog postings, BAH rates are seeing a small  but welcomed ~5% bump to the upside, from the beloved officials of DoD. It depends on the ZIP code and pay grade, but the increase is there! So don't be shocked if you see a small surprise if your 2014 BAH rate is changed towards the positive side.

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  1. 2017 BAH Rates are here: